This Girl

What makes hurty teeth feel better?  This girl does.


This is Storrie, our friends Adrienne & Dave’s little girl.  Johnny just loves her to pieces and we got to have her over to our house today to hang out.

He spent the morning showing her all of the toys that Santa brought him.  He would stand at the top of the stairs & grab her hand & say “Om here, om here!” (translation: Come here, come here)  Smile

He would get his Barrel of Monkeys & shake them so hard until they exploded.  He thought it was hilarious!



And for all you yogis, yes that is a Manduka Black Mat & a bolster used as hearth bumpers.  Smile





Storrie is such a good little nurse.  When Johnny woke up from his nap, we just lounged around watching movies (Johnny & I weren’t feeling super hot).


Trying to get a fly-away curl to lie down.


And she very closely monitored his fluid intake… offering him his Pedialyte every few minutes.  It was super cute.


We sure do love it when this girl comes to play!



Pitiful Bug

Teething sucks.

Apparently, teething a molar sucks even more!


Johnny 1227B

Sometimes Play Doh helps.

Johnny 1227A

Or mama snuggles

Johnny 1227C

But mostly, it’s been a whole lot of this for the last 2 days.

Johnny 1227DJohnny 1227E

Such a pitiful Bug.  Sad smile

Rock Me Mama Like a Wagon Wheel

So if you read this post, then you know that Santa brought Johnny a sweet All Terrain Radio Flyer wagon.  We took it for a stroll around the neighborhood today.  Thought I would share a few pictures.

Pointing out what he sees.  The first thing is always trees!


Mama, are you sure you saw the trees??


Any time Johnny rides in a wagon, he ends up lounging back within a few minutes.  Just strolling around the neighborhood like a cool kid.




Checking out how the wheels work:


Of course we had to take it off road to see how it did.  Slugged through the snow like a champ.


Headed back home to warm up!


I can see us taking many more strolls, just like this.

And mom, I totally know what you’re thinking.  “Where are his mittens?”

Stacked right on top of mine, with a blanket, left in the garage.  Yeah, those may have come in handy. 


Hope you are all staying warm & playing with new toys!

Santa Came to Town!



I hope you all had a magical Christmas!  We did here.  Last year Johnny didn’t really get it…He was still too young & mostly just played with paper. This year he wasn’t super crazy about un-wrapping stuff, but enjoyed playing with the stuff after it was opened!  Here are some highlights from our morning.

Have I mentioned my kid loves balls?  Lately, he tries to throw balls into the sink any time I cook.  So Papaw & Bella (my mom & dad) got him a basketball goal for Christmas.  It was obviously the first thing he saw when he went downstairs.  Here is a video of our future NBA player in action when he first walked downstairs (with no coaching at all, I might add):


Another big hit was his Radio Flyer wagon.  Not just any wagon – an All Terrain Wagon with big tires.  What any little boy in Colorado needs.



There was a whole lot of this going on:


He was so in love with the basketball, he even brought it to the breakfast table.


Not really sure what to do.  Note the pajamas say “Dear Santa, Define Good.”  Pretty appropriate.


Checking out his wagon.  I got busy opening presents & forgot to take pictures of the second half of the morning.  We spent a bit riding in circles around the house.  And Johnny just sat in his wagon hanging out for a while too.  He really loves it.  When he wakes up from his nap today, we are going to take him for a ride around the neighborhood in it!


Another huge hit – a playdoh set.  It has all kinds of cookie cutters & stuff.  He has never played with playdoh before, but he loved it a lot.



Creating a master piece later in the day:


Helping dad unwrap a titanium cookset:


Toy Story!  He loves Toy Story 3 (which is on Netflix) so much that he got Toy Story 1 & 2 from Santa. 


And this is the point when mama forgot to keep taking pictures.  Oops!  Santa was very good to mama this year, too.  I got a new laptop that I REALLY needed.  And Doug is happy that now I’ll stop using his! 

Hopefully you were nice this year, too??  What did Santa bring you?

Snow Is Glistening

The tree has been trimmed.


A beautiful snow is falling outside.

Sparkling Christmas lights are backed by white powder.


Inside we are warm & toasty & the air is filled with smells of homemade fudge and scotcharoos.



The presents are all wrapped & under the tree.


And we are counting down the days.


Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


My Chatterbox

Johnny has always been chatty.  Ever since he could make sounds he has been “talking” in sentences.  Stringing together really long series of sounds & looking at you as if he completely expects a response.  Case in point:


This video was taken when he was about a year old.


This video was from a month or so ago.


Over the last month or so, the sentences have been intelligible!  It’s so exciting and cute.  A lot of times, I already know what he needs or is trying to tell me… but to have him articulate it in words is too precious! 

I’ve been following him around with a pen & paper the last week or so, writing down all of the cute things he says.  I thought I would share some of them with you:

  • “See that ________!”  It started with “See that bird!” as we were walking into the grocery store and saw two birds circling overhead.  I’m pretty sure I melted into a puddle in the parking lot.  Now a variety of words can occupy that space.
  • “Are you all right?”  He said this right after he was running around in circles and bumped into me.  Again… puddle.
  • “That’s a ______”  Insert ball, kitty, puppy, etc.
  • “You see that, ma?”  I hear this one a lot!
  • When we are driving through town, I’ll ask Johnny to name the things he sees out of his window.  Some pretty regular responses are:  tree (sounds like wheee!), sign, light, car (caw).
  • “Can you blow this up for me, ma?”  Said while bringing me a balloon. By far his most complex sentence to date!
  • “This is Big Bird”.  Said while holding his little stuffed Big Bird.
  • “I wanna wear that”.  While pointing to a fleece hat while we were outside and it was cold.  Smart kid!
  • And the ones I hear the most, all. day. long.  “Ome here” or “Wi me!”.  “Come here” and “with me”.  However, he repeats it so it’s more like “wi me, wi me, wi me” complete with a hand gesture trying to hurry you along.
  • When you sing The Wheels on the Bus, he will turn his hands in a circle & sing “Round & round”.
  • And pretty much any time he sees a car seat he says “baby cute”.  Which is almost exactly what I see every time I see a car seat – “ohhhhh look at the cute baby!”

And there are lots more… most make me proud.  Some make me realize I need to change my own language.  Winking smile Just thought I would give you a little taste of what my little chatterbox has been saying! 



Merry Christmas From….. Who?

Or should that be “whom”?  I never know… Anyhoo.

I’ve been super-psyched about this new app on the iPad called Sincerely Ink.  It’s an app that is used to create & send Christmas cards.  I was all happy because it literally only took 20 minutes to create & send my cards this year – it was such an easy process.  I can see me using this app for all sorts of holidays & birthdays.  Anyhoo… in the overview for this app, they advertise it as “So easy you can send all of your Christmas cards in 10 minutes”.  I have a new recommendation for their slogan…………

“So easy a 3 yr old can do it in TWO minutes!”

Here is my niece, Piper:


An adorable, sparkly, unicorn faery princess.  Also, an apparent NINJA on the iPad Sincerely Ink app. 

The other day at my house, she was playing around on my iPad.   In the span of two minutes she created a (photo) Christmas card, purchased $30 of card credits and sent it to 8 people in my address book. 

Of course the app is too new to have a CANCEL button!  So, 8 of my family members will receive this card in addition to our “real” Christmas card:

XMAS card

XMAS card back

And no, you aren’t crazy.  That’s not even Doug or Johnny on the front of the card.  It’s my brother-in-law, Aaron, & niece, Abbey – a picture taken 5 years ago.  There’s even a message she inserted into the message box. 

Needless to say, I sent in an enhancement recommendation that they offer security settings.  =)  They were kind enough to give me back all of the credits she used, plus a credit for an additional 8 cards since they didn’t catch the cancellation in time.

I told them no worries – at least it makes for a good story!  And I learned a few valuable lessons:

Lesson #1: Don’t let Piper play un-supervised on the iPad.

Lesson #2: Don’t let James babysit 5 kids at once (this all happened on his watch!).  Just kidding – he really does a good job… it could have happened to any of us!

I guess it could have been worse… there are hundreds of pictures on the iPad she could have chosen.  At least that one is super cute and not something weird like a foot or Johnny picking his nose.  =)

Merry Christmas From Piper!