Sucky Blogger

I know… I’m a sucky blogger. I haven’t updated my last blog in over a year. Life just seemed to get too hectic & I never found the time to keep it updated. So you may be asking yourself, why I am creating yet another blog?? Good question… the other day I was perusing pictures that Doug & I have taken over the last six years we have been together. The pictures brought back a flood of memories of places we have gone & things we have done. I realized a few things:

1) I have a really sucky memory… I’m not sure I would have ever thought about several of those experiences again had I not seen a visual reminder.

2) The details of most of those experiences are really fuzzy. Maybe the fuzzy memory is thanks to all of that “experimenting” I did in college. Or maybe I am biologically built like a goldfish in the memory department. Either way, I don’t remember much.

3) I am at a point in my life that I REALLY want to remember.

Soooooo…. ta-da!! A new blog is born. I am going to use this space to not only update friends and family, but use as a journal of sorts to document the fun things that happen in our lives, and the every day stuff I don’t want to forget.

Stay tuned… I’ll do an update to catch you up on the last year or so you missed.  =)  And because I can’t leave you without a ridiculously cute picture, here is one from this morning – Johnny reading in front of the Christmas tree.

Johhny Reading




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