Summertime & the Living is Easy…

Well hello again!  This new application I’m using to update the blog is super easy.  So there is a good chance this will stick!  **crossing fingers**  =)

Before we get started with pictures, I have a disclaimer for you. I wasn’t really feeling very inspired to take pictures this summer (other than on my iphone). A lot of these were taken by my dad, Chris. I’ll try to give him credit ** on those that are his, but if I miss one & it looks really awesome, he probably took it! =)

Let’s see – we left off in Spring.  That leaves us with SUMMER!  I’ve never really been a huge fan of summer.  Super hot days just never really did it for me (maybe lingering associations from summers in the south?).  This year was very different.  I loved every minute of basking in the warm sun and the long hours of daylight.  I was very sad to see it go. 

We got Johnny a sandbox that can be filled with either sand or water.  99% of the time, it was filled with water.  Oh how he loved it. 



And of course, more dirt digging:



Wait, everyone doesn’t cut their grass sans pants?  Oops.


In August, Papaw & Bella (my mama & daddy) came for a visit.  It was the first time in a long time the whole family has been together.  **IMG_1561

We went to America the Beautiful park & played in the fountain:






And here’s a cute one from the fountain on another day:


Got some snuggling & cartoon watching/book reading time:



We went to the zoo one day, but the Bug just couldn’t hold out very long.  Must have been all the Dip N Dots.



We had loads of fun while they were here & sure do miss them. 

And just to prove there are some non-Johnny pics…  This summer I spent a lot of time doing yoga and teaching yoga.  I think there is an un-written rule somewhere that says once you become a yoga teacher, you have to take pictures of you doing various yoga poses any time you are in a pretty setting.  Case in point:



Doug spent a good bit of the summer climbing 14ers and chasing bears (true story… has he rips in his pack to prove it).


This one was taken by his friend, Louis.  Makes my heart drop every time I look at it!


But what a beautiful view!  I love Colorado. 


Even though this was just a few, short months ago, it feels like ages ago.  As I am writing, it is negative 6 outside (wind chill is –24)… YIKES!!  It’s nice to take a few moments to remember warmth, water, shorts & long days.




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