Jumping Bean

We have started going to this local gym (and by gym I mean gymnastics gym) on Monday mornings for their Open Gym time.  They basically open the gym up to kiddos up to 5 yrs old to run wild & work off some of their energy.  PERFECT for winter in these parts when it’s too cold most of the time to go outside.  It can be really challenging to try & photograph.  Most pictures look like this:


But I did manage to capture a few that weren’t entirely blurry. 

Mildly overstimulated upon first walking into the gym area:


There is a huge (60 foot) trampoline runway that ends in a massive foam pit.  This was the first time Johnny actually did a run & jump into the pit without being coaxed (i.e. Me IN the pit, beckoning).


Every week the cousins meet up with us.  Unfortunately, Fisher is too old for Open Gym (he’s six), so he doesn’t get to join in (he takes a class right after, so don’t feel too bad for him). 

But Pipey & Johnny get to play.  Pipey warming up:


They have 12 big trampolines that kids can jump on.  It’s a huge hit.  Johnny then thinks our bed at home is a trampoline, too.  But we have a tempurpedic & it’s not very bouncy when he plops. 


Playing with his Aunt Kristin.  Oh how he LOVES his Aunt Kristin.  Seriously, she chases & loves on & tickles him as much as he wants!  Which is pretty much all the time.  =)


Playing on this really cool obstacle course.  I’ve gotten comments from other moms about how “athletic” he is.  For real, the kid has skills.


Pipey on the trapeeze which drops into the big foam pit.  This was take 2.  Take 1 didn’t go so well as she let go too soon & ended in a face plant on the runway.  


Piper jumping on the trampoline while in the harness.  This place has seriously fun stuff to play with!


And here is Fisher taking a break from playing Angry Birds on the iPod.


Pretty cool place, huh??

Hope you are all staying warm!



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