Herding Turtle-Cats

Kristin & I decided to take the kids hiking in Ute Valley Park this past Saturday.  I imagine if you were to cross-breed a turtle & a cat, you would get attributes similar to our children. Slow to move & fiercely independent. It took almost two hours to go maybe 1 mile.  It was a humorously slow process.  We had been hiking (or trying to hike) for almost an hour & could still see the car.  BUT we had fun, so does it really matter how far we went? =) 

Johnny & I got there first & waited around for a while until Kristin & her kids got there.  Johnny was like a little troll at the entryway to the park.  He stopped everyone that came through to talk to them.  He pointed out trees & birds to them.  And totally could not understand if someone didn’t stop to have a conversation with him. 



I think maybe I’ve mentioned how much Johnny loves his Aunt Kristin?  Well… after they got there, Kristin had to run back out to her car for a minute to grab something.  Johnny thought she was leaving him… and he was devastated.  =)


He didn’t want to ride in his own jogging stroller, so Kristin packed him on her back. 


Getting Piper ready to roll:


Fisher was soooo tempted to test out how thick the ice was on this little pond, but good judgment reigned supreme. 


Kristin & the boys in front of Pike’s Peak:


We decided maybe we should have asked the kids before going for a hike?  Piper decided 20 minutes in to the hike she wanted to nap.  Then Fisher decided he didn’t want to walk either & sat in Johnny’s stroller.


Does it look like this stroller is pushing itself?  Look carefully – you can see about two inches of a hoodie & a foot:


Fisher pushed Johnny’s stroller the whole way back to the car.  It was pretty cute & he only dumped it once.


Pretty girl!


Johnny was getting a little sick of hiking at this point & Kristin was a little tired of stopping to pose for pictures. 


Loving on his Aunt Kristin:


We got HERE & then Piper decided she wanted to get out & walk.  Figures…


Kristin & the kids came over to the house to eat lunch and hang out for a bit after our hike. 


We had such a fun Saturday morning!  Hope you all had a great weekend too.




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