Sometimes It Takes A While…

Sometimes it takes a while for you to really appreciate all that your parents have done for you. 

  • After a few sleepless nights with a brand new baby, you realize your parents once did this for you.
  • After delving deep into your reserves to gather enough patience to be kind to your trying toddler, you realize your parents once did this for you.
  • After making sacrifices to ensure your child is raised with lots of love and attention day after day, you realize your parents once did this for you.
  • And after spending hours making a stocking for your little one, you realize your mama once did this for you. 

We have somewhat of a stocking tradition in our family.  When Kristin & I were little, mom made us these really awesome stockings.  I always knew it was a really special stocking – unique, handmade, and perfectly sized to get lots of goodies on Christmas morning.  


Once Kristin started her family, she made the same type stockings for her family. She even made one for Doug once he joined the family (I wasn’t sewing then).


Naturally, this year I set about making a stocking for Johnny keeping in this same style that our family has used.  While I always loved my stocking, I never realized the level of detail or how much time it must have taken to most of it by hand.  The whole thing has patches of embroidery, ribbon, lace & a fancy cross-stitch for the name.


Now, after all these years, I have an even greater love & appreciation for something that has always been special to me. 

Through this process, I also learned I’m not as patient as my mom!  But I still love how the stocking for Johnny turned out.



And I hope Johnny will love it too. 

Thanks again, mom.  =)


9 thoughts on “Sometimes It Takes A While…

  1. Awesome job, Carly! It turned out awesome! Never could have guessed it was your first. It looks professional! I know Johnny will love it! It is funny how my boys still like to hang their ornaments on the tree and talk about when they made them. I love that part of Christmas!

  2. You did a really great job on Johnny’s stocking! I like doing crafty stuff too at Christmas and all the other holidays. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas!

  3. Carly, I can say “ditto” to all that. You and Kristin have taken up your mom’s crafty skills!! Renae likes to do the craft – cross stitching and such (which I used to do) but she hasn’t gotten into the cooking as much as I do – but she’s getting there with some awsome dishes and cookies!! Love reading about your family!

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