Merry Christmas From….. Who?

Or should that be “whom”?  I never know… Anyhoo.

I’ve been super-psyched about this new app on the iPad called Sincerely Ink.  It’s an app that is used to create & send Christmas cards.  I was all happy because it literally only took 20 minutes to create & send my cards this year – it was such an easy process.  I can see me using this app for all sorts of holidays & birthdays.  Anyhoo… in the overview for this app, they advertise it as “So easy you can send all of your Christmas cards in 10 minutes”.  I have a new recommendation for their slogan…………

“So easy a 3 yr old can do it in TWO minutes!”

Here is my niece, Piper:


An adorable, sparkly, unicorn faery princess.  Also, an apparent NINJA on the iPad Sincerely Ink app. 

The other day at my house, she was playing around on my iPad.   In the span of two minutes she created a (photo) Christmas card, purchased $30 of card credits and sent it to 8 people in my address book. 

Of course the app is too new to have a CANCEL button!  So, 8 of my family members will receive this card in addition to our “real” Christmas card:

XMAS card

XMAS card back

And no, you aren’t crazy.  That’s not even Doug or Johnny on the front of the card.  It’s my brother-in-law, Aaron, & niece, Abbey – a picture taken 5 years ago.  There’s even a message she inserted into the message box. 

Needless to say, I sent in an enhancement recommendation that they offer security settings.  =)  They were kind enough to give me back all of the credits she used, plus a credit for an additional 8 cards since they didn’t catch the cancellation in time.

I told them no worries – at least it makes for a good story!  And I learned a few valuable lessons:

Lesson #1: Don’t let Piper play un-supervised on the iPad.

Lesson #2: Don’t let James babysit 5 kids at once (this all happened on his watch!).  Just kidding – he really does a good job… it could have happened to any of us!

I guess it could have been worse… there are hundreds of pictures on the iPad she could have chosen.  At least that one is super cute and not something weird like a foot or Johnny picking his nose.  =)

Merry Christmas From Piper!


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