My Chatterbox

Johnny has always been chatty.  Ever since he could make sounds he has been “talking” in sentences.  Stringing together really long series of sounds & looking at you as if he completely expects a response.  Case in point:


This video was taken when he was about a year old.


This video was from a month or so ago.


Over the last month or so, the sentences have been intelligible!  It’s so exciting and cute.  A lot of times, I already know what he needs or is trying to tell me… but to have him articulate it in words is too precious! 

I’ve been following him around with a pen & paper the last week or so, writing down all of the cute things he says.  I thought I would share some of them with you:

  • “See that ________!”  It started with “See that bird!” as we were walking into the grocery store and saw two birds circling overhead.  I’m pretty sure I melted into a puddle in the parking lot.  Now a variety of words can occupy that space.
  • “Are you all right?”  He said this right after he was running around in circles and bumped into me.  Again… puddle.
  • “That’s a ______”  Insert ball, kitty, puppy, etc.
  • “You see that, ma?”  I hear this one a lot!
  • When we are driving through town, I’ll ask Johnny to name the things he sees out of his window.  Some pretty regular responses are:  tree (sounds like wheee!), sign, light, car (caw).
  • “Can you blow this up for me, ma?”  Said while bringing me a balloon. By far his most complex sentence to date!
  • “This is Big Bird”.  Said while holding his little stuffed Big Bird.
  • “I wanna wear that”.  While pointing to a fleece hat while we were outside and it was cold.  Smart kid!
  • And the ones I hear the most, all. day. long.  “Ome here” or “Wi me!”.  “Come here” and “with me”.  However, he repeats it so it’s more like “wi me, wi me, wi me” complete with a hand gesture trying to hurry you along.
  • When you sing The Wheels on the Bus, he will turn his hands in a circle & sing “Round & round”.
  • And pretty much any time he sees a car seat he says “baby cute”.  Which is almost exactly what I see every time I see a car seat – “ohhhhh look at the cute baby!”

And there are lots more… most make me proud.  Some make me realize I need to change my own language.  Winking smile Just thought I would give you a little taste of what my little chatterbox has been saying! 




3 thoughts on “My Chatterbox

  1. I love it Carly1 Just treasure these moments because there will be times when you will to remember them!! I love how he talks on the phone then pauses for a response!!

  2. My nephew is a genius! He also texts! I get text messages from him all the time. They brighten my day. Tell him I said ” jtlfkdijfnxjkd”

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