Santa Came to Town!



I hope you all had a magical Christmas!  We did here.  Last year Johnny didn’t really get it…He was still too young & mostly just played with paper. This year he wasn’t super crazy about un-wrapping stuff, but enjoyed playing with the stuff after it was opened!  Here are some highlights from our morning.

Have I mentioned my kid loves balls?  Lately, he tries to throw balls into the sink any time I cook.  So Papaw & Bella (my mom & dad) got him a basketball goal for Christmas.  It was obviously the first thing he saw when he went downstairs.  Here is a video of our future NBA player in action when he first walked downstairs (with no coaching at all, I might add):


Another big hit was his Radio Flyer wagon.  Not just any wagon – an All Terrain Wagon with big tires.  What any little boy in Colorado needs.



There was a whole lot of this going on:


He was so in love with the basketball, he even brought it to the breakfast table.


Not really sure what to do.  Note the pajamas say “Dear Santa, Define Good.”  Pretty appropriate.


Checking out his wagon.  I got busy opening presents & forgot to take pictures of the second half of the morning.  We spent a bit riding in circles around the house.  And Johnny just sat in his wagon hanging out for a while too.  He really loves it.  When he wakes up from his nap today, we are going to take him for a ride around the neighborhood in it!


Another huge hit – a playdoh set.  It has all kinds of cookie cutters & stuff.  He has never played with playdoh before, but he loved it a lot.



Creating a master piece later in the day:


Helping dad unwrap a titanium cookset:


Toy Story!  He loves Toy Story 3 (which is on Netflix) so much that he got Toy Story 1 & 2 from Santa. 


And this is the point when mama forgot to keep taking pictures.  Oops!  Santa was very good to mama this year, too.  I got a new laptop that I REALLY needed.  And Doug is happy that now I’ll stop using his! 

Hopefully you were nice this year, too??  What did Santa bring you?


5 thoughts on “Santa Came to Town!

  1. I love the one of him in front o the wagon where you see what the jammies say. Such a funny face. And the playdoh ones too. So tute.

  2. We really had to coax Leland to open the presents…we had to start them and give him a peek at what was inside. Then, he’d open it most of the way and go back to a toy that was already opened, haha. It was a slow morning but so much fun. :) Glad y’all had a Merry Christmas!

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