Happy Birthday to Bug!

Johnny Bug is TWO today!!!  I can’t believe it.  My how time flies.

Here he is drinking his breakfast smoothie this morning:


So my dear, sweet Johnny Bug…on your birthday, here are some quirky things we love about you!

  • Any time the clown pops out of your Jack in the Box, you give it a big hug and say “aaaaawwwwwww”.


  • You love horsies and any time you see one, you “neigh” with vigor!


  • Ever since that one time we used spatulas & basters as light sabers, those are now some of your favorite toys.



  • You have just the right amount of OCD =)  For example, you always throw your trash away.


  • You re-cap every marker before picking up another one to use.


  • You clean up after other, less OCD kids.
  • And you aren’t too crazy about making messes


  • You ask to brush your teeth, floss, and wash your hands about 87,000 times in a day.  And if you don’t get to,you sometimes have a break down.  Because of those wonderful Terrible Twos. 


  • You love your Aunt Kristin so much.  Combining technology and your Aunt Kristin?? Forget about it… completely content.


  • You have absolutely no interest in using a potty chair… as a matter of fact, the ONLY time it gets used is when you are brushing your teeth, and you stick your feet in the bowl.


  • Every time you do something remotely awesome, you clap for yourself & say “Good job!”.  Even if I do something, like clicking the seat belt shut on your car seat, you clap for me and tell me “Good job!”.


  • You love balls more than anything on the planet.   Basketballs, footballs, balloons, ANY ball – you love.  As a matter of fact, we can’t really even go into a store that sells balls without coming home with a new addition for your collection.



  • It doesn’t matter what is wrong in your world, a wagon ride to the park to swing & some applesauce will fix ANY.THING.


  • You think your daddy is the coolest person ever.  Every time we get close to the front door or walk through it, you are yelling for him to see if he is home & ready to play.


  • And as mama, I get the snuggles.  Which are my favorite thing on this earth.



You are so funny & precocious & wild.  Johnny Bug, you are very loved!  Happy 2nd Birthday.




This Time Two Years Ago

This time two years ago….

I had been in labor for 7 hours.  Here are a few pics from the day, that I don’t think I’ve ever shared.


1.28.10 107

Eating a popsicle.

1.28.10 111

Going for a walk with Adrienne.

1.28.10 112

And Kristin.

1.28.10 116

Doing some yoga.  Opening those hips!

1.28.10 119

And more yoga.  Come oooooonnnnn hips!

1.28.10 120

There are some serious benefits to having a great friend who is a doula AND a massage therapist.  As a side note, I had all of these intentions of fixing my hair and wearing a really cute birthing outfit.  But I went into labor at 2 AM and by the time 8 AM rolled around, I had decided looking cute in my pictures was the least of my worries.  Smile

1.28.10 121

1.28.10 122

In the birthing pool.  This was the last G-rated picture of the bunch, so

I’ll stop here.  This is the last day my baby will be one!!

The Littlest Man Room

We have a living room and a den in our house.  It’s kind of weird… we set the living room as our main space, so the den has always been this extra room that we never really did much with.  Doug has always talked about creating a Man Room – with a foosball table, big t.v., dart board, etc.  But that never really panned out.  We’ve tried making it an exercise room, but that never really clicked either.  So the den has always been this identity-less room.

About a month or so ago, Doug had a great idea & this room has transformed into the perfect space. The Littlest Man Room!

Yes, Johnny officially has the largest room in our house designated for his use.  (Kind of sad, I know… but his stuff takes up a lot of space!)

Perfect for housing forts:


Playing basketball games:



Giving speeches from his soap box (aka the hearth):


Hanging out with friends:


Quite possibly the best addition has been our old t.v. and DVD player with a few bean bag chairs. 


Perfect for getting cozy & watching some Curious George with the cousins.


(We joke that the only thing we wish we had done different on the remodel was to put a door on this room so we could shut the kids in!  Just kidding… sort of. =))


And yes, the room even comes with a Super Nintendo, circa 1993.

IMG_6527 - CopyIMG_6531

Terrible Twos

I think the Terrible Twos have started a few weeks early.  Lately, a good portion of our days look like this:



A complete meltdown when he doesn’t get exactly what he wants. 

I know it’s him just trying to express his frustration, and wanting more independence.  So we’ve been trying a few new things.

Sitting at the table like a big boy (even though when there is food on the table he can barely see in his bowl).


And trying to keep him stimulated all the time:


And if all else fails, we load up the wagon & head to the park.


The park fixes everything.

Happy Saturday!

Clothing Optional

Seems like clothing is worn less and less around here lately.  I seem to remember Fisher going through this phase while potty training.  Every time you went to Kristin’s house, he was naked.  And usually doing yoga too, so you always got some great colon shots while sitting in their living room.  :)

We apparently are just doing the naked part – not interested in the potty at all. 

But Johnny eats naked:


Plays naked:


And hosts playdates naked:


(And how awesome is it that Piper is wearing a Princess dress?  For every time Johnny goes naked, Piper is either dressed as a unicorn or a princess!)

Most of the time, we just try to go with the nudity.  But occasionally, we do have to leave the house.  Heaven forbid you try to clothe the child.  He turns into the Incredible Hulk and tries to rip his clothes off.


But he’s a cute little Hulk!


Rock A Bye Baby

Johnny has always been a super easy kid.  Very adaptable.  When we switched from co-sleeping to putting him in his own room in a crib, he fussed for maybe 3 days.  Then took to his own crib like a champ.  When we weaned him off of a night time bottle, he acted like it was no big deal.  I tried rocking him to help him sleep (and because I really wanted to cuddle) – but he would just point at his crib  & grunt.  Obviously telling me he was ready for bed. 

And now we seem to be going through a different phase.  The last few weeks he would start to cry & get wound up as I put him in his crib.  So I tried rocking him again.  And we’ve developed this nighttime routine of me rocking him for 10 or 15 minutes and singing to him.  Mama loves it just as much as Johnny. 

I started out singing regular old nursery rhymes.  But have you ever really listened to the lyrics? 

Hush Little Baby – hello, materialism??  Mama’s gonna buy you what ever you want to make you shut up?  Not sure that is sending the right message.  Not to mention, I can’t remember the words past the first four or five lines, and I wind up winging it.  And then something comes out like “Mama’s gonna buy you a shotgun. If that shotgun don’t shoot. Mama’s gonna buy you some ginger root.”  Again, not the best message when I just let words randomly fly.

And then Rock a Bye Baby… what kid needs images of a cradle falling when the wind blows??  (Especially since we are having 45 MPH winds tonight!) Who wrote this stuff?

So, I decided to try songs that my daddy used to sing to me & my sister every night, while playing his guitar. 


(I think Johnny looks like me in this pic… however it is pretty much impossible to get a picture of him sleeping!)

The lyrics to these songs feel so much more right.

Wild World by Cat Stevens

“Oh baby, baby it’s a wild world

It’s hard to get by just upon a smile

Oh, baby, baby it’s a wild world

I’ll always remember you like a child, girl” (or boy) =)


Leader of the Band by Dan Fogelberg

“I thank you for the music

and your stories of the road

I thank you for the freedom

when it came my time to go

I thank you for the kindness

And the times when you got tough

And, papa, I don’t think I

Said ‘I love you near enough’”


Jelly Man Kelly by James Taylor

“Here’s a song about Jelly Man Kelly

He loves jelly the most

Ah, but most of all

Jelly Man Kelly loves jelly on toast!”


See! Much more fitting.

My favorite part of our new little ritual, is that my huge little boy, will fall asleep in my arms.  Just like he did when he was a baby.  And I get to study his perfect, little face while he is completely content being loved on by his mama.  I relish each of these moments – trying to absorb the memory into every part of me.  Because I know one day he will be “too big” to want to be held by his mama.