Hot Tamale!

You know that Saturday Night Live skit where Rob Schneider keeps saying “making the copies”?


Well, I’ve been making tamales for the past two days & I keep saying “Making tamales” just like him in my head.  All. day. long.

BUT – I’m sure when these fabulous things get done steaming, it will all be worth it. 

I have made A LOT of Mexican food  from scratch over the years, but I have always been intimidated by tamales.  Not sure why… but I’ve always heard it was a super long process.  I split this up over two days, and it really wasn’t *that* bad.  Granted, this is coming from the girl who loves to make enchiladas from scratch – including making the tortillas and sauce.  I’m hoping these freeze well so I can make up a huge batch & have them ready to go when we need a quick dinner.

My pretty little tomatillos waiting to be husked:



This green chili made my house smell DIVINE!  I think next time I might make a double batch of the sauce to put on top or to smother a burrito.


Making the dough:


Yes, that is an iPad – I’ve gone digital with all of my recipes, menus & shopping lists and I’m in love with technology all over again.


The assembly line:


Steaming yummy goodness.


A perfect meal to end 2011 with!

What did you do on New Year’s Eve?


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