Thank You, Sunshine!

Johnny didn’t nap yesterday.  Those days are never fun.  It was so beautiful outside yesterday… we had a rare mid-winter 65 degree day.  As soon as I realized he wasn’t sleeping – we loaded up the wagon & headed to the park for a distraction.  The first few pictures all he would do is stick his little lip out.  My Papaw Johnny used to say that “your little lip is sticking out so far a bird could come & perch on it”.  And that’s what I told my Johnny.


As we made our way through the neighborhood & to the park, that little lip found it’s way back in.  By the time we hit the swings, we were all in a decidedly better mood.   Turns out mama needs the nap time break just as much as Johnny needs to sleep.


He rode the horsey & “neigh”ed the whole time.


We played and played and soaked up sunshine.




And had lots of deep conversations, such as this one:

We made friends with another mama & her little girl, Lilly.  Johnny kept talking to them through this hole.  I’m pretty sure there is nothing cuter than a little kid face peeking through a hole.




Johnny didn’t want to leave.  He never wants to leave the park.  But the promise of a wagon ride home & a snack, and he was game.


Just as we started to pull into our driveway, his eyes started to close. 


He never did go down for a nap, however we were all much more pleasant after spending hours in the sunshine.

Thank you sunshine, for being our reset button!


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