The Next Jeff Coffin?

Maybe you are wondering who the heck Jeff Coffin is?  He was the sax player for Bela Fleck & the Flecktones for a long time.  If you are wondering who Bela Fleck is, then shame on you!  Just kidding.  =) 

Jeff is an awesome sax player – talented in the exhibitionist type playing common among the Flecktones – like playing two saxes at once.  I’m pretty sure the first time I met him I told him that I worshipped him or something equally sycophantic.

Anyhoo… I posted on FB the other day about how I had gotten my old sax down out of the attic.  It’s been hanging around & occasionally making appearances, much to Doug’s dismay.

Kristin & the kids came over yesterday, and it made another appearance.


Fisher was quite taken with the challenge of it all.  He loved it.  But only when he was playing on it:


Apparently, I was loud.  =)

He even got a little lesson in how it made music & the effect pressing keys had on the sound.



It was pretty fun.  Piper kept sticking her little face in the bell & talking into it.  Johnny wasn’t too impressed – he kept humming into the mouthpiece and then spitting a lot into it, which was really gross.  But what else would you expect from an almost 2 yr old?


He had way more fun dive bombing his Aunt Kristin.



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