All About Boys!

We had somewhat of a playdate marathon on Friday.  Kristin & kids came over before naptime.  Then after naptime my friend, Krista, and her little boy, Elliott came over to play.  We haven’t seen them in so long!  It was so lovely to catch up with Krista & her wee one.  I wanted to squish & love on this face so bad, but all he wanted was his mama!!


Johnny isn’t very used to sharing yet… He struggled with it a little bit.  But he had a few good moments.  Smile


He also doesn’t hang out around younger boys very often.  So it was super cute to see him teaching Elliott about the cool things boys play with.  Like Hotwheel cars:


Mmmmmmm! Hot wheel cars are tasty!


Showing Krista his fort:


Sigh… I love cloth diapered baby butts!


Dancing with mama:


Reading us a book


We decided we need to do this a lot more often!



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