My (Almost) Fearless Boy

We went to Art Sports this morning with Kristin & her kiddos.  It’s our regular Monday play date.  I took several videos for your viewing pleasure. 

And I really hope that my voice doesn’t sound like this in real life and that it’s just some crappy audio on my iPhone.  =)

Anyhoo… when we first started going to Art Sports, Johnny was pretty scared of the foam pit.  Over the past few months, he has slowly warmed up to it.  Yesterday, we started off the day at the foam pit.  I jumped in it first & had him jump to me to let him warm up.  Then he proceeded to do this about 20 times on his own!


When Johnny would get out of the foam pit, he would clean up after the other kids that would leave foam blocks strewn about outside of the pit.  This kinda makes my heart sing a little.  =)  His future wife will thank me!

By the end of the day, he had worked up the nerve to jump off of the tallest entry into the pit – it’s about a 3 ft drop!  Well, I say jump but it was more like a slide.


Johnny & Piper on the obstacle course (aren’t Piper’s pigtails the cutest thing you’ve ever seen??):


It is so rewarding to see him work through his fears and gain the courage to try things he is scared of doing.  I know encouraging him to try things outside of his comfort zone is building a skill he can use later in life. 


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