Excuse me while I get sappy for a moment

Johnny will be two in a few weeks.  I know it’s terribly cliché, but time really does fly when you have a child.  I feel like it was just a few short months ago that I was staying up half the night and nursing a little babe every 2 hours (or less!). 

(Here he is just a few hours old)

j babe 1j babe 2

(And 3 days old – a little more alert)

j babe 3

Now I blink and he’s almost TWO!

j big 1

I’ve found myself reflecting a lot lately on how I’ve changed since becoming a mom.  One of the biggest changes I didn’t anticipate was how much my capacity to love has increased.  Again, cheesy & cliché, I know.  Smile

But it’s true.  I stare in awe at this little being we’ve created, and how perfect he is in my eyes, and I can hardly contain the love that I feel. 

Even on days like this (although I may need to breathe a little deeper):


It’s not just the love that I feel for Johnny that has grown.  But when I see Doug playing with Johnny, being the incredible dad that he is, it makes me love him more and in a way I didn’t anticipate.


Any time these two are together, you are guaranteed to hear a lot of giggles and laughs coming out of Johnny.  Oftentimes, I find myself just watching Johnny as he figures out his little world & I realize I’m smiling.  Then I look at Doug, and he’s smiling in the exact same way.

And when Johnny snuggles with my mom & dad… I love seeing them comfort my little one. 



And remember fondly all of the love & comfort I received as a child.  I appreciate them more because I know how hard they worked to raise us well.

And when Johnny dive bombs my sister for a huge hug, I feel closer to her than ever before because I know how much he loves her.  And how much she thinks the world of him. And to him, it’s always a party when she’s in the room.


Sometimes, I wish there was a pause button in life.  Or a replay button.  Alas, there is not.  So I just remind myself, as I move through this life, to stay present and enjoy each moment while it is here.


5 thoughts on “Excuse me while I get sappy for a moment

  1. I LOVE the one of him freaking out in his chair! And all the other’s are so super cute too. I love how Johnny and (our) Daddy have the same sleepy eyes on. And we may have to have a little chat about how often my ASS ends up on your blog! Just kidding. It’s about the story. I get it. :)

  2. Awww, got me all teary eyed!! Leland will be 18 months on the 22nd and I just can’t believe how much he’s grown. Everyone said time would fly…how right they were.

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