My kid is wicked smart, no thanks to me

The other day Johnny & I went to go pick up a prescription from the pharmacy.  We were waiting in line & he started getting really cranky.  A lady who works in the grocery store was in line in front of us & she grabbed this little booklet of word games to try & distract him. We opened it up to a word search page & started looking at letters.  I started pointing to various ones & asking him what they were.  He knew most of them!  Q, G, T, M, Y.  Now, granted he said “ball” when I pointed to O… but he quickly got that one down too. 

This may not seem that spectacular to you for an almost two year old.  But honestly, I was scratching my head for a minute.  You see, Johnny is not a fan of reading… Usually me reading him a book involves me reading to him while he’s playing.  Doug will ask if I’m reading to myself, and that’s what it feels like most of the time. So we usually only get through 4 or 5 letters in his Alphabet book before he is up & running around.  He is just in to much more physical things… he would rather be playing ball or driving his Hotwheel cars around.  Which is totally fine.  So I briefly wondered, where on earth did he learn this?

Then it dawned on me, he does a whole lot of this:

photo (1)

He watches the PBS show Super Why every morning.  If you’ve never seen it, it’s a show about learning to read.  So they review letters, use them to form words, etc.  He loves it.  Apparently, he is absorbing quite a bit from that show!

And, he does a lot of this:


Yep, he’s playing on the iPad.  Or my iPhone.  He has a few flashcard apps that review colors, letters & numbers.  And an app that is a puzzle where the shapes are letters and numbers.  I checked & sure enough, he knows most of his numbers too.

So thank you Apple and PBS.  You’ve been educating my child.  I’m totally hanging my head in shame.  =)

Now, I’m off to go work on teaching my child the rest of the alphabet so I can at least claim some credit for his wicked smartness.


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