Clothing Optional

Seems like clothing is worn less and less around here lately.  I seem to remember Fisher going through this phase while potty training.  Every time you went to Kristin’s house, he was naked.  And usually doing yoga too, so you always got some great colon shots while sitting in their living room.  :)

We apparently are just doing the naked part – not interested in the potty at all. 

But Johnny eats naked:


Plays naked:


And hosts playdates naked:


(And how awesome is it that Piper is wearing a Princess dress?  For every time Johnny goes naked, Piper is either dressed as a unicorn or a princess!)

Most of the time, we just try to go with the nudity.  But occasionally, we do have to leave the house.  Heaven forbid you try to clothe the child.  He turns into the Incredible Hulk and tries to rip his clothes off.


But he’s a cute little Hulk!



2 thoughts on “Clothing Optional

  1. Hosting naked playdates. HA! And I can just hear the incredible hulk roar when he’s trying to rip off his clothes. And lovely imagery with the colon shots. I

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