The Littlest Man Room

We have a living room and a den in our house.  It’s kind of weird… we set the living room as our main space, so the den has always been this extra room that we never really did much with.  Doug has always talked about creating a Man Room – with a foosball table, big t.v., dart board, etc.  But that never really panned out.  We’ve tried making it an exercise room, but that never really clicked either.  So the den has always been this identity-less room.

About a month or so ago, Doug had a great idea & this room has transformed into the perfect space. The Littlest Man Room!

Yes, Johnny officially has the largest room in our house designated for his use.  (Kind of sad, I know… but his stuff takes up a lot of space!)

Perfect for housing forts:


Playing basketball games:



Giving speeches from his soap box (aka the hearth):


Hanging out with friends:


Quite possibly the best addition has been our old t.v. and DVD player with a few bean bag chairs. 


Perfect for getting cozy & watching some Curious George with the cousins.


(We joke that the only thing we wish we had done different on the remodel was to put a door on this room so we could shut the kids in!  Just kidding… sort of. =))


And yes, the room even comes with a Super Nintendo, circa 1993.

IMG_6527 - CopyIMG_6531


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