This Time Two Years Ago

This time two years ago….

I had been in labor for 7 hours.  Here are a few pics from the day, that I don’t think I’ve ever shared.


1.28.10 107

Eating a popsicle.

1.28.10 111

Going for a walk with Adrienne.

1.28.10 112

And Kristin.

1.28.10 116

Doing some yoga.  Opening those hips!

1.28.10 119

And more yoga.  Come oooooonnnnn hips!

1.28.10 120

There are some serious benefits to having a great friend who is a doula AND a massage therapist.  As a side note, I had all of these intentions of fixing my hair and wearing a really cute birthing outfit.  But I went into labor at 2 AM and by the time 8 AM rolled around, I had decided looking cute in my pictures was the least of my worries.  Smile

1.28.10 121

1.28.10 122

In the birthing pool.  This was the last G-rated picture of the bunch, so

I’ll stop here.  This is the last day my baby will be one!!


6 thoughts on “This Time Two Years Ago

  1. Happy 2nd Birthday to Johnny! Did you have a home birth? I’ve always thought that would be so cool…but I have a German Shepherd and no matter how much you brush her and vacuum after her, there’s still hair around…and I didn’t want my little man born into that, lol! ;) It’s a good thing anyway I suppose, as I ended up with a c-section. :-/

  2. Oh man! Yeah, I think it would stress me out just a little, knowing if something happened, then I’d have to rush to a hospital. But, all ended up well, you have a super cute & smart little boy! :)

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