Happy Birthday to Bug!

Johnny Bug is TWO today!!!  I can’t believe it.  My how time flies.

Here he is drinking his breakfast smoothie this morning:


So my dear, sweet Johnny Bug…on your birthday, here are some quirky things we love about you!

  • Any time the clown pops out of your Jack in the Box, you give it a big hug and say “aaaaawwwwwww”.


  • You love horsies and any time you see one, you “neigh” with vigor!


  • Ever since that one time we used spatulas & basters as light sabers, those are now some of your favorite toys.



  • You have just the right amount of OCD =)  For example, you always throw your trash away.


  • You re-cap every marker before picking up another one to use.


  • You clean up after other, less OCD kids.
  • And you aren’t too crazy about making messes


  • You ask to brush your teeth, floss, and wash your hands about 87,000 times in a day.  And if you don’t get to,you sometimes have a break down.  Because of those wonderful Terrible Twos. 


  • You love your Aunt Kristin so much.  Combining technology and your Aunt Kristin?? Forget about it… completely content.


  • You have absolutely no interest in using a potty chair… as a matter of fact, the ONLY time it gets used is when you are brushing your teeth, and you stick your feet in the bowl.


  • Every time you do something remotely awesome, you clap for yourself & say “Good job!”.  Even if I do something, like clicking the seat belt shut on your car seat, you clap for me and tell me “Good job!”.


  • You love balls more than anything on the planet.   Basketballs, footballs, balloons, ANY ball – you love.  As a matter of fact, we can’t really even go into a store that sells balls without coming home with a new addition for your collection.



  • It doesn’t matter what is wrong in your world, a wagon ride to the park to swing & some applesauce will fix ANY.THING.


  • You think your daddy is the coolest person ever.  Every time we get close to the front door or walk through it, you are yelling for him to see if he is home & ready to play.


  • And as mama, I get the snuggles.  Which are my favorite thing on this earth.



You are so funny & precocious & wild.  Johnny Bug, you are very loved!  Happy 2nd Birthday.




3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Bug!

  1. Happy Birthday Little Man!!! May my little man take after you in creating so many wonderful memories. I cannot BELIEVE his 2nd birthday has come so quickly! Love to you folks!!! :)

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