Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday to the best daddy ever! 




Kristin (my sister) posted this on her blog this morning: Best Daddy Ever.  I didn’t want to steal her title, but it’s totally true.  Her post got me to thinking about all the things I loved about our childhood.  And what I love about having him as my daddy.

So, here you go daddy – here are a few things that I appreciate.

  • Your ability to make anything fun – I remember big rolls of padding & carpet that were brought into the house.  You immediately strung up makeshift swings so we were like trapeeze artists jumping off of the rolls of padding.
  • You guys let us get dirty – making mud pies, mud slides, riding motorcycles and anything else we could dream up. 
  • Your endless creativity when it comes to solving problems.  Like, for example, removing black lipstick off of every pair of jeans I owned that got dried in the dryer. Or packing the car for trips and utilizing every square inch (and then some) possible.  Or fixing my refrigerator. =)
  • How many little girls get to design their childhood bedroom?  And when they say “I want a bed with an enormous window to look at the stars and a ladder at the end that goes up to a loft!” – who actually gets that??
  • Your tendency to get a little mischievous (as if there is a 12 yr old boy inside there somewhere).  I remember at my graduation party, you disappeared around the back of the house with my friend, Wes.  15 minutes later there was a big WHOOSH (a la Backdraft) as you guys lit a 5 month old, crispy Christmas tree on fire. I’m pretty sure you were the highlight of that party. 
  • You sung me to sleep every night. And gave me a deep love of music.
  • You encourage & support my dreams – from making a homemade balance beam and ballet bar to simply just believing I can do anything and be anything I dream. 
  • And most important – you just let me be who I want to be and love me for whoever that winds up being. 

You are the best, indeed.  I love you.

P.S. Johnny says “Happy Birthday, Papaw!”  Or really he just said “Faw faw” but I know that’s what he meant.  =)


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