Buh-Bye Wings!

Johnny has needed a haircut for quite some time.  He has had these wings for what seems like forever now.



(This is him saying “Don’t you cut my hair! I like my wings.”)

A few weeks ago, he started squinting a lot & I thought maybe he needed glasses.  But no, some of his bang hairs were just too long!  So I trimmed a few hairs then.  I’ve been hesitant to get him a full on hair cut, because I love his little wings so much. BUT, his hair is getting so long on top & he has this habit of twisting his hair… I’ve cut FIVE knots out of his hair this week.

Wednesday, we went in for a trim.  It was such a happy/sad moment. 

Happy my little boy is growing up.  So proud of him sitting in the chair like a big boy.  Sad my little boy is growing up.

On the way to get his hair cut, reading a Valentine’s Day card from his Papaw & Bella:


Playing with the fun toys while waiting (I was slightly worried as there was a kid a little older than him screaming his head off the entire time his hair was being cut):


Fishies!  He actually calls them “Fisher” (his cousin) which sounds like “beer”.


Applesauce as a distraction:


The first cut!


What ARE you doing to my hair??


Trying the iPhone as a distraction:


And do you know what wound up being the best distraction?  Keeping him entranced like this for several minutes??


A dancing dog that sang “Who let the dogs out”.


And finally, he was all done!  With a big boy hair cut.


No wings Sad smile



But still cute as pie.


And yes, I saved his wings:



6 thoughts on “Buh-Bye Wings!

  1. Love it! Leland has started developing wings as well…but it has taken him so long to grow hair, I don’t want to cut them, lol!! And I just don’t want to cut them yet because it’s so cute. :) Way to go Johnny!

    • I know it was so hard! And Leland is going to be ridiculously cute with or without wings! I just keep looking at Johnny & he looks so much more like a little boy than a baby. Sigh…

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