Just Me and the Boys

Friday was such an awesome day!  I took Johnny over to Aunt Kristin’s house while I went to Physical Therapy.  The plan was to go for a hike afterwards.  However, Piper wasn’t feeling well (definitely not awesome) so I took Johnny and Fisher over to a park near Kristin’s house.  I’m not sure I’ve ever taken just Johnny and Fisher somewhere, so it was a nice treat for it to be just me & the boys.

The park is a relatively new one & it is so cool!  It’s an all-access park – designed for able bodied folks as well as the physically challenged. We had such a blast!

All loaded up & ready to go:


Yes!  Some Colorado sunshine & some swings.  Heaven, indeed.


The Flower Park (or Fowler, as Piper would say):


Johnny was perfectly content to swing in the all-access swing. (This really was so cool – someone in a wheel chair is able to swing with this!)


Fisher with his newly-made friends.  A really cool ship that would sway when you started rocking it:


And mama got a quad/glute workout rocking Johnny:


Isn’t this place cool?  Fisher was climbing on some of this stuff with a little girl who was also at the park… The little girl said, “You shouldn’t climb on that, it’s really dangerous!”. Fisher replied, “You just have to believe you can, and you can do it!”.  How. adorable.  Love that kid.  Harnessing the power of “beliefs construct reality” at age 6.


Even with all of these other things to do, Johnny kept coming back to this swing!  He could recline & swing & watch the excitement.


Pretty soon, Johnny kept trying to doze off:


So we decided it was lunch time:


We didn’t get finished with lunch before the wheels fell off of the bus.  So we packed up & dropped Fisher off at Aunt Kristin’s.  Johnny was passed out within seconds of finishing (most) of his PBJ.


What a stellar way to start the morning!


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