A New Way to Clean

I have an admission to make.  I hate cleaning floors.  I seriously abhor the task.  I don’t mind laundry, dishes, etc – but floors? Blugh. 

Until now. Smile

(I have to thank Aunt Kristin for this idea.)

First, you lay down a towel (I’m thinking of spraying a homemade vinegar floor cleaner down first or put some soap in the water).  Fill a pot with water & set it on top with tons of kitchen stuff inside.  Johnny could play with this for hours:


An added bonus – he drinks a bunch of the water, so he’s getting properly hydrated! 


Maybe a video would help with the visualization:

For those of you that knew my Mamaw Patsy – doesn’t he look just like her here?  I think so.


This pot was just begging to be crawled in to:


How does the soup taste now?


I guess this was bound to happen:


But no worries!  A quick mop of the floor by mom:


And you have a square of shiny floor:


My plan is to do this daily & just move the towel 10 ft or so every day.  Then every part of the floor will get cleaned every few weeks.  Problem solved!  Woot!

Kristin also got my kid loving some dishwashing!  I came to pick Johnny up from Kristin’s after Physical Therapy the other day, and he & Piper were having a blast “cleaning” dishes.


We haven’t tried this at home yet, but soon.  Smile


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