Heaven in the Back Yard

In this post I told you about how Johnny’s main birthday present was backordered so we had to wait a few weeks to get it.  And then another week or so to put it together. 

This past weekend it was all done & ready for the bug to enjoy!  As a result, this is how we have spent most of our past few days.

Are you coming ma??


I wanna wing (swing)!


We (and when I say we, I mean Doug) still need to cut the extra chain on the baby swing, but it works for now!


This is such a blissful space now, that he even falls asleep sometimes.


Every time we try to leave the back yard, he points to the swing & says “But I wanna wing!” “I wanna go in there!”



This time we had been inside for over an hour & he still refused to take off his gloves & hat because he was certain he was going to go back outside & “wing”.


So far this has turned out to be an awesome birthday present!

On an unrelated note, that day as we got ready – Johnny wanted to wear Doug’s watch.  He looks like such a little man in this picture!  Big boy hair cut, watch, sigh… all grown up.



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