A Delightful Development

I told you in this post how we have started a new nighttime routine where I sing Johnny to sleep.  We’ve been doing that steadily now for about a month and those are my favorite 15 minutes of the day.  I didn’t think it could get any better.


But then, he started singing back.


Not the words of what I’m singing, but whatever he sees.  Like the letters from the Avett Bros shirt I was wearing last night.  I am 1,000% convinced there is nothing cuter than him singing.  I can’t really get a good video of him in the dark, but I was able to get one of him singing the other day.

**Let it be noted that hearing myself sing on a video makes me cringe.  But I’m taking one for the team because it’s cute to hear him. You’re welcome!**

Enjoy! Winking smile



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