Beer, Please!

Johnny is rapidly expanding his vocabulary.  Every day he adds new words & it’s so exciting to see him labeling his world.  Some of his words sound alike.  For example,



sounds just like Bird:


sounds just like fish (he’s really calling it Fisher, which in his defense, we call Fisher just Fish sometimes):


sounds just like bear:



And do you know how he pronounces all of these words?  Yep, you guessed right – Beer.  It’s made for some “heheheh yes that IS a FISH” moments in public where it totally sounds like he is asking for beer.  When he got his hair cut, there was a fish tank in the waiting room. He wanted to go look at the fish, and he would say “I want beer.”

I’m not sure if his choice of word points to a potential future preference in beverage, but if so – then the apple will have not fallen far from the tree. =)

Hope you all are staying warm!  We woke up to this view outside of our windows.  Needless to say, there will be no swinging today, which has disappointed my little boy who already has his boots on over his jammies, ready to go.



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