OK, So I Lied…

Yesterday in this post, I said I wasn’t going to take Johnny out to swing because a snow storm had moved in.  Then I talked to Bella (my mom) and she gave me the ole guilt trip – “you can put him in a snow bib, you take my grandbaby outside to swing!”.  I was convinced she was crazy until Johnny didn’t take a nap.  Then I thought if I didn’t get him out of the house, neither one of us would last until his bedtime. 



Here, he seems to be saying “16 degree wind chill and 20 MPH wind gusts…no biggie!”


Content as can be.  Didn’t seem cold at all.


So content, that yes – even as cold as it was, he almost fell asleep.  Definitely this kid’s M.O.


He didn’t get his tolerance of the cold from me.


He put up his usual fight when we tried to go inside.  However, this is where the pictures stop, because he literally got stuck in the swing thanks to too many layers of clothes.  I called Doug to come outside, but was finally able to get him out by slinging him over my shoulder & peeling the seat off, inch by inch.

I’m pretty sure for a minute there, he thought his dream had come true – never having to get out of the swing!  <3


3 thoughts on “OK, So I Lied…

  1. Ha ha ha. Dream come true. You’ll have to read this outdoor book. I’m a couple chapters in and it’s great. And you did exactly what it says, bundle up and go out anyway.

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