My Egg Head

I think we may have found Johnny a pre-school!  He is officially on the waiting list.  It’s called Ruth Washburn and I really think he would love it.  There is a chance he can start in the fall of this year.  If not, I’m hopeful he can get in by fall of next year (he’ll be 3 1/2).

It’s a pretty cool place – a co-op, so as the stay-at-home-parent, I would be pretty involved.  We went on a tour the other day.  I didn’t get any pictures of the inside, as it was too chaotic trying to wrangle Johnny and take pictures and listen to the Director give her spiel.

After the tour was over, Johnny was fussy so the Director suggested we head back out to the playground & blow off some steam.  Their playground is HUGE!  And they really try & foster a love of the outdoors at this place, which we love.

The school has been around since the 60’s.  Over the years, some of the parents involved with the co-op (who are handy) have built all of these little play houses on the property. 


You climb this rope here:


Checking it all out:



Of course they had plenty of balls to keep this boy happy:


Armed with shovels ready to dig something awesome:


Just a fraction of the playground (they also have a garden that everyone helps to plant & grow and chickens!):


I’m still going to check out a few other places… just in case this one doesn’t work out and to make sure there isn’t another place we love better.  But so far, this seems like it would be a really good fit for him!


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