A Little Picasso

Johnny has never really liked to finger paint.  He’s not really a big fan of his hands (or feet) being dirty.


The other day, we brought out some paints and tried brushes this time.  Major success!


“Not sure if I like this”


One of the first things he did was to paint a circle and say “that’s a O”.  Brilliant! 


We used a potato masher on a few.  He loved banging it into the table.


Using multiple methods:





“What?? You’re looking at me like I have something on my face…”


“Just need a little more… Right….. there….”


Towards the end he was inspecting all of the paint that was on his hands.  I figured I would try to sneak in some finger painting. So we squished his little hands down in the paint & he splatted his hands with gusto!  Victory!


I love the way these turned out.  I have several that I am framing to hang on the wall!  Now any time he sees mama painting, he wants to be painting too.  Smile

4 thoughts on “A Little Picasso

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