Pearly Whites

Johnny went to the dentist for the first time last week!  The past few weeks have been full of “firsts”.  He did really well!  Mostly thanks to the awesome place we went.  We totally love his dentist & the sweet girl who cleaned his teeth.  However, she looked like she was about 15 years old.  Kristin kindly reminded me I also look 15. *Insert eye roll here.*

Playing with the video game before the appointment:


Showing Johnny the tools:


This place was so great – they spent almost 10 minutes just getting him familiar with the environment.  He got to see & play with all of the tools, assist by holding the tooth paste (which was chocolate flavored), and held her hand as she worked in his mouth. 


Time to lay the chair back:


AND… she got two whole teeth cleaned before he decided no way was she going to stick that thing in his mouth.


But, no worries – she just did a manual clean this time & I held him on my lap (hence the pictures stop here!).  Today, Johnny & I headed upstairs & I told him we were going to use his new toothpaste that the dentist gave him.  He said, “Chocolate?”.  =)  My kid, for sure.


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