Itty Bitty Clothes

I love making itty bitty clothes.  Seriously, love it.  So I get excited when a friend is expecting. Smile

My friend, Jamie, has a little boy due soon & her shower was this past weekend.  I made these pants & shoes for little man.


These shoes are definitely not my best work.  It’s REALLY hard to sew little baby shoes!  But, I figure they will keep his socks on/feet warm, which is all that really matters… right?


The lining of the shoes matches the cuff of the pants…


Which matches the butt patch on the back of the pants (the extra panel in back is for a big cloth diaper booty). The pattern is Big Butt Baby Pants by  The shoe pattern is the Cameron Sneaker by


All wrapped up & ready to go!  And yes, this is wrapped in craft paper & sewn (an awesome tip I learned from my immensely talented sister, Kristin).  You just use a regular needle & whatever stitch you like! 



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