Carpe Diem

We had a lot of plans today.

Grown up plans, like grocery shopping and well, I can’t even remember right now as I am typing this.  Must not have been too important or memorable.

When we were done eating breakfast, I looked at the weather & It said 56 degrees!  After weeks of 20/30/40 degree weather, 56 is downright balmy!

So we immediately dropped all of our plans & decided to soak up some vitamin D at the park.




Just as we were about to leave, a mom & her three kiddos showed up (one of her kiddos was a 6 DAY old little girl… so precious).  Her oldest boy, Evan, is 4 & super rambunctious & was wearing a Curious George shirt.  That pretty much sealed the deal on him being Johnny’s new BFF.  Evan had a few glow in the dark necklaces that they keep throwing like frisbees & burying in the volleyball court.


So we stayed for another hour.


Because why not?


A nap can wait…


and what to-do list task is more important than playing in the sand with a new friend?


We had so much fun that after Johnny’s nap, we went back to the park…  And made more friends.






I’m really glad we decided to shirk responsibility and head outdoors today.

“Happiness, not in another place but this place… not for another hour, but this hour.”  ~  Walt Whitman


3 thoughts on “Carpe Diem

  1. How fun! We love that park. I love this warmer weather too. You have to take it when you can because it will snow again tomorrow. I LOVE it when seasons change.

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