Making Pretty

I mentioned in this post HERE that our house is a really blank slate right now.  The last few weeks I’ve been working on an art collage for the dining room wall.  This is what it looks like now – so very blah:


The collage is mostly mixed media, which is my favorite.  I have two that are done & ready to be hung.  Thought I would give you a peek!


I started out painting the smaller one a bright orange color.  I knew it was too bright when I painted the base color, but thought a glaze could easily fix that. I used a stencil & a foam brush with metallic paint to create the design.


To finish it off, I added a magenta glaze.


SUPER easy!  I already had the paints & glazes… I got the canvases & stencil on sale from Michaels, so it was all relatively inexpensive.

The second canvas was inspired by one of my favorite song lyrics by the Avett Bros.

“There was a dream

and one day I could see it

Like a bird in a cage

I broke in and demanded that somebody free it”

~ Head Full of Doubt, Road Full of Promise

I mod podged on the lyrics:


Then painted a whimsical tree:


It still needed something to visually weigh down the left side of the canvas. I decided to add a sun. Here is where it turned bad. I painted the ugliest sun in the history of forever.  So ugly, I didn’t even take a picture.  I think what went wrong is I was trying to layer colors to create the sun, but I didn’t let the layers dry.  So it all mixed together in this vomit-y color.  Yum.  What happened next is why I love mixed media. I took scrap book paper & cut out a sun & rays & slapped it over the ugly sun. Yay mixed media! 


I’m pretty pleased with how this one turned out! It makes my heart happy to look at it.


I can’t wait to see these on the wall.  I have one more to finish & two small things that Johnny painted to frame, and it will be done!  Squee!!



14 thoughts on “Making Pretty

  1. Yay! 1) I love that you’re watching Once Upon a Time while doing this. 2) I love that you used the word vomit-y. 3) I LOVE the art. Yay for pretties.

  2. Been reading your posts after you put them on FB. Keeps me entertained and updated, so thanks dear! Wish I still lived there so we could have some craft days together … the orange one was a brilliant idea!

  3. I believe all the girls in your family are talented creatively! I get these creative ideas and some of them I act upon and actually accomplish but sometimes there is not enough time and or funds to finish the project. I guess when I retire I will have the time. I look forward to that! Love your art work!

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  5. Love the orange one alot!! Beautiful work! Did you make the glazes yourselft or did you purchase them as an official glaze? (Is there a way to make glaze?)
    THanks for enlightening me. Sara

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