Occupying Bugs with Art

When it’s reeeaaallllyy cold outside, it can be challenging to occupy such an active Bug.  Thankfully, I’ve bookmarked a bazillion ideas on Pinterest (see my For the Kiddo board here).   Last week, we had one such day where it was super cold outside, so we had an artsy/craftsy kind of day.

We started the day off making a square collage.  I took a piece of contact paper & framed it with construction paper.  Then, cut a pile of squares out of scrapbook paper.  I just showed Johnny how the contact paper was sticky & he immediately knew what to do.


This was something fun to keep him occupied & out of my paint.


Once he was done, I put a layer of clear contact paper over the top.  I got some wrinkles in it this time…. next time I’ll have the hang of it a little better.


The day before we did these crafts, Johnny and I collected a basket of things that would make a circle shape (shot glass, backpacking wine glass, funnel, a sponge I cut into a circle, etc):


Then we used all of these shapes to make circles with paint! 


After this activity, I had one paint covered little boy.  So I let him “wash” himself in the kitchen floor.



He even started scrubbing the kitchen floor, so I put down some homemade (non-toxic) floor cleaner & let him go at it!


Once we were all cleaned & dried, we played a game of sock ball toss. 


Then we headed out after nap time to swing… shocker, I know.

A day full of art (for mama & Johnny) AND my floors got clean!  Not too bad!


5 thoughts on “Occupying Bugs with Art

  1. Cute! I love the pictures. I especially like the ones with his little tongue sticking out while circle painting. That’s concentration! And ha! I just saw what mom said.

  2. I thought the same thing. Reminds me of how Daddy always had his tongue hanging out when he was working like that – drawing, sawing, plowing, hoeing, etc. He gets it honest!!

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