Hoop Dreams

My kid has skills when it comes to basketball. 

We went to the park this weekend & Johnny got some views of the big hoops.


He ran almost the entire way.

One day…


That goal won’t look so big.


And he won’t need dad to help get it in the basket.


Until then…


he’ll keep learning the ropes.



And have dad there to carry him back home when he gets tired.


And ma there to make him lunch, and carry him to bed when he falls asleep on the floor.


Until then.  <3


6 thoughts on “Hoop Dreams

  1. So stinking cute! And by the way, whatever list you took me off of means I don’t get it anywhere? Maybe I’ll try and put in my reader.

    • I added you back to my email list. I have no clue why WP quit sending it to you. Wierd. Let me know if you get it added to your reader and want me to remove you from the email list.

  2. That is awesome! I love the one with him just standing there looking up at the goal. I still have vivid memories of being frustrated because I was too little to have enough horsepower to shoot a basketball and get it anywhere close to the goal. And no…it wasn’t in the recent past.

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