TA LA!!!

In this post HERE I mentioned how our house was a really blank slate.  And that I had something awesome planned for this wall:


That big, blank space was just beckoning to be filled.  I knew I wanted to put a desk there.  Since we remodeled the kitchen & added the bar, it has become a resting place for all sorts of things.  My daily planner, iPad, camera, notebooks… all of the things I use on a daily basis.  This made for a big, clutter-y eye sore in my pretty, new kitchen. 


Also, because I often want to be around Doug & Johnny on the main level while online, my laptop lived on the dining room table. Just *begging* to have a Johhny drink thrown at it or finger paint slung in its direction.  Not to mention the cord makes a perfect tripping hazard for toddler races around the dining room.


A desk seemed like a logical solution to contain the clutter & get my laptop far away from a messy toddler.  I searched around online & found an ebony-colored desk from Ikea that I really liked.  It wasn’t super expensive – around $150 for the desk & some baskets.  Then Doug reminded me we had a desk & hutch in the attic – one from his bachelor days.  It was painted two different colors & needed some love, but it was free and seemed perfect for the space.  I didn’t get a very good before picture, but the hutch was cherry & the desk had been painted a matte black. Here it is all sanded & primed & ready for paint (and yes, I know my garage is junky right now – it’s on the organize-my-whole-house list):  


I picked this vibrant eggplant color.  (The pictures from the garage make it look a little brighter than it really is.)  After the first coat of paint, I realized I would need to wood putty some previous holes that had been drilled to anchor the hutch when it was in a different configuration.  I learned a lot this go round of how to re-finish furniture.  Next time will go much more quickly & smoothly – especially in Spring when we have warmer days!  This project took months because it was winter & it didn’t get warm enough for me to paint for weeks at a time.  Talk about delayed gratification!


More coats of paint:


And a few layers of poly later… it was ready to be brought inside!


Are you ready to see it?? All finished & decorated??


TA LA!! That’s what Piper (my niece) says for “Ta da!”. It’s pretty darn cute. (Just imagine me with my arms flung out wide)

Slots for my notebooks, iPad, and outgoing paperwork folder.  And a Buddha I found at a second hand shop years ago.


A drawer for my camera & cables.  A tea pot Doug gave me, and a pottery piece that my friend’s dad made (I believe it’s Raku using horse hair to create the pattern).


A tall vase with Eucalyptus & wheat – stolen from another area of my house.  The shorter, turquoise vase is by glass artist, Berton Schrack – I got in Portland several years ago, and is one of my favorite pieces ever!


The art hanging right above my laptop, is one that my mama & daddy gave me years ago.  It’s really hard to get a good picture – the glass is really reflect-y. It’s a great mixed media piece they got at a gallery in Asheville, I believe.  Lots of texture & dimension.

“Dance as though no one is watching. Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing as though no one can hear.”  Sage advice, indeed.


I made the two pieces hanging above after we brought the desk inside.  It only took about an hour & I used what I had on hand – total cost = $0!  Just old frames, mod podge & some scrap book paper.  Maybe I will do a post on those sometime soon.



The perfect little nook to write, blog, and work on my art journal.


And I’m still close to the action of our main level.


And best of all – my bar area is clutter free!!


One more time…








I’m so glad I went with purple paint.  It would have been easy to stick with the same dark furniture we have throughout the house.  This adds the perfect pop of color & I smile every time I pass.


5 thoughts on “TA LA!!!

  1. Carly, I love it! You did a great job! And it does make you smile! You and Kristin could go into business! Both of you are very talented!

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