Spring is in the air.  The weather is warm.   And the yard work has begun (and we have a LOT of it)!


Our goal this year is to finally landscape the backyard.  We’ve been clearing everything out & making way for new.

While Doug & I worked, Johnny did a lot of this:






Giving Dad his opinions on what to do next:


It was a nice, calm weekend.  Which was good, after spending Friday at the hospital with Johnny.  This curious little bug decided to try & stick the jack of a pair of earbuds into an outlet & then “listen”.  He got really lucky… Only a minor electrical burn on his ear.  Needless to say, mama has done a safety check to make sure all of the outlet covers are present!  The ER doc said Johnny made Benjamin Franklin look like a wimp with his kite & a key.  And prescribed us getting him an ipod so he has somewhere to stick the earbuds.  =)


Hope your weekend was nice and you got to enjoy this warm weather!


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