Zen Running

I had this interesting conversation the other day with Jeff, one of the people I’m working with in Physical Therapy (back story: I tore two ligaments in my back last August).  He does Feldenkrais Method, which is REALLY cool if you ever get the opportunity to do it.  It’s all about discovering patterns in your body – the way you hold yourself & move through space & then providing your nervous system with new options (ways to move/ hold yourself) in order to heal your body.  I’ve been stuck in this pattern for the last month or so where I feel good for 2 days or so after being treated, but then everything goes back to being painful again.

He suggested that my body is still acting as though it is injured, even though I’m healed.  Which makes a lot of sense – I often view my body as being “broken”.  My body is still tensing & trying to protect an injury that isn’t there anymore.

It was pretty impactful to hear him say that I am healed. For the last four days, I have been acting as though I’m healed – trying to relax areas that tense in order to protect the spine, etc.  So yesterday – day 3 after being treated, I was feeling so good I decided to go for a run around the neighborhood.

I put on my Vampire Weekend/Modest Mouse station on Pandora on my iPod & took off.

My body seemed to crave each step.

With each step I took, as I felt my body begin to tense in order to protect my back, I took a deep breath of mountain air & told myself “You’re healed”.

That became my mantra for my run.  I stopped in this little park by our house that has a huge field & did a little yoga.


I was the only person in the park – just me, the grass, the mountains, the sunshine.  And yoga.


After a little more running through the trails…


I got back home.  The verdict?  My hip flexor on the left side was a little tight, which I just kept stretching for the next hour or so.

Today, I feel fine.  Healed, indeed.


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