Wide, Open Spaces

We headed down to Trinidad (Colorado) last week to visit Grandma & Grandpa Mojica.  About an hour into our trip driving down, I realized we didn’t bring Johnny any toys to play with.  That was a silly thing to worry about – who needs toys when you have a ball & tons of dirt & wide, open spaces??


Just look at that throwing arm!


“I’m going long, Dad.”


Looking for bears.


Chatting up Grandpa.


We even got to go play around at the new house Grandma & Grandpa are building.


This brought back lots of memories for me as a child. 





Checking out the view


Before leaving, we got to go hang out with the cousins for a bit.


We came home with a Bug that was tired, sticky & covered in dirt.  The best way for a little boy to be.

This morning we woke up to a Spring snow.  My body was already programming itself for warm weather, but we are going to try & enjoy this (hopefully) last snow of the year.


Hope you are staying warm!


2 thoughts on “Wide, Open Spaces

  1. Yay! Such fun. I love the throwing arm picture. (well, I like them all – that one is just my favorite) And I couldn’t agree more about tired, sticky, and covered in dirt.

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