Designing a Bug’s Room

I’ve been on a bit of a decorating kick lately.  I’ve been reading too many blogs about décor & design.  It’s addictive!  Johnny’s room hasn’t been touched since he arrived.  We stuck with a very gender neutral theme & colors since we didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl.  It’s time to give it an update!  Make it a little more boyish & not so “baby”.

I blogged about the nursery on my old blog (that I rarely updated!) HERE.   Plain blue walls & owls.  Super simple.


Now, I want to do something a little more bold.  My initial inspiration was actually from a pair of Johnny’s pajamas.  I am in love with turquoise-y blues and lime green. Pretty sure he is calculating what his allowance should be…


As a side note, I can tell you how to not get a picture of a kid in pajamas – by dangling something that he likes playing with above his head.  =)


You’ll for sure just get blurs & pouty faces.


Anyhoo… I like these colors for accents:



And dark peacock-ish blue for the walls.  Kind of like these inspiration photos:



Sigh… I could just copy & paste this one into his room & be done!



I definitely want to make a quilt for the bed (which may be ambitious because I am still working on my first quilt, and after 3 months, I only have two blocks).  I LOVE the Monaco line by Monaluna, especially this scooter print.


And Herringbone by Joel Dewberry:


Or maybe a Japanese print – like this car print from Kokka Japan?


Or heck since it’s a quilt, maybe all of them? I think this quilt by Pin. Press. Sew. is fabulous!  The color combinations are perfect.



I really want the room to be able to “grow” with Johnny’s interests… So I’m not going to paint designs or do any big decals on the wall for the theme.  I’ll probably do a few mixed media prints that we can change out as his interests change.

For a theme, I’m torn between scooters/cars, monkeys or rockets/space stuff.  There are just so many good fabric prints out there for scooters & cars, especially Japanese prints (which I LOVE!), I’m kind of leaning towards that.

For one of the mixed media pieces, I want to incorporate this quote, I LOVE it!



So, what do you think? Can you see it in your head?  I think it’s gonna be a really cool little boys room!


7 thoughts on “Designing a Bug’s Room

  1. Super cute! When you are finished, come by and duplicate what you’ve done for Gabriel’s room. Then go crazy with a girl theme for Amelia. :)

  2. If you are doing the decorating – it will be a blast no doubt in my mind. Let your creativity soar!! Then take pictures and let us see them… :-)

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