Cascarones & Chocolate

We aren’t big Easter people.  Just feels like another commercialized holiday.  I know, I know… I’ve become so cynical as I’ve gotten older.  But yesterday Doug was up in the mountains climbing, so Johnny & I decided to go hang out with Kristin & James & the kids.  I didn’t want him to feel completely left out, so we stopped by the store & stocked up on candy…

Johnny isn’t really a big candy person, so he wasn’t very impressed:


When we got over to Kristin’s (well, technically her mother-in-law Sharon’s – where they are staying while their house is being worked on), we hunted for eggs & cascarones.


“Ooooo I found one!  No, wait…”


Then we got to cracking the cascarones. If you’ve never done this, you totally should.  They are basically eggs where a hole has been knocked out of the top, drained, filled with confetti & then sealed back up.  Then you smash them on people’s heads.  Supposed to give them good luck.  Suuuuuper fun. 


Johnny didn’t quite get the point of the whole hunt.  He kept trying to chuck the eggs out into the street.  Or he would try to crack a plastic egg on his head.


Let’s just say James is an enthusiastic cascarone smasher.


Finding out he’s gonna be sleeping on the couch tonight:


“Hey guys! I found something EVEN better than an egg!”


Piper was pretty upset when all the eggs were gone.

IMG_5424IMG_5425IMG_5432 - Copy

And if that weren’t enough fun, we headed over to the park for some “winging”.

IMG_5434 - Copy

It was definitely a fun day!  And lucky for me, Johnny isn’t crazy about candy… so guess who gets to help him eat it??

Kristin also blogged about our fun yesterday… she got some cute pics of me & Johnny. You should check it out HERE.

I thought I would leave you with a few pictures of Doug’s trip.  Here is his summit shot – Mt Yale 14,196 ft.




Not too shabby a view, huh?

Hope you had a great weekend!


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