Happy Birthday, Mama!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful mama!  The best mama ever.

momma 2



So, my dear mama, in honor of your birthday – here are some reasons why I feel incredibly lucky to have had you as my mom while growing up.  And why as I get older and am “turning into my mom”, why I think that is the best thing ever. 

  • Your craftiness – so many things in my life were made more special because you made them by hand.  When I am sewing & creating today, I think back on when I was little & how you let me “make” dresses for my cabbage patch dolls with fabric scraps & safety pins.  
  • Your tendency to do things for yourself, the long way, if needed – =)  Can’t help but to say this with a smile, because I definitely got this from you.  Whether it is making a cake or making jewelry… there are no shortcuts when it comes to quality, beautifully crafted results.
  • Your inclination to spoil my baby – not spoil in the obnoxious way, but when it’s 20 degrees out & you say “you take my baby outside to swing”… I do, and it’s an awesome experience.  You remind me to make life really full & fun for my child.
  • Your artistic eye – I aspire to be able to combine colors in the beautiful way that you do.  You truly live your life “out loud”. Thank you for giving me the desire to make things beautiful and funky and not too “matchy matchy”.
  • Your independence – You are my best example of what a smart, independent, thinking, strong woman should be.
  • To this day, the most comforting thought/memory/place to be is with my head on your heart and hearing your voice through your chest.  And I still want my mama when I’m sick.  I hope that Johnny feels that way when he is all grown up.

We love you so much! 



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