Yes to Manual

Manual camera settings, that is.  If you are a serious photog, you may want to just skip this post.  It will make you cringe, for sure.  =) 

I have a DSLR camera that I’ve been too lazy to figure out how to use… I’ve just kept it on the Program Auto setting.  Lately, I’ve been frustrated by how dark the pictures look, and how they just don’t turn out that great.  TOTAL user error, I know.  I’ve resorted to using my iPhone to take pictures, because they seem to come out more vivid.  Super lame!

I decided to just put on my big girl panties & figure out the DSLR. Today, we went for a hike at Red Rock Canyon (same place I blogged about HERE, where all of the pictures were taken with my iPhone).

However, I got so intensely focused on how aperture affected my pictures, that I completely forgot about ISO.  It was set at 1600 for the entire hike. Doh!  Lots of the pictures were over exposed, but there were a few good ones in there.  I’m pretty confident I won’t make that mistake again!

Bottom line – are they the best pictures ever taken? Definitely not. Are they significantly better than I’ve taken on Auto? Indeed.

I’m just taking baby steps, learning about one piece at a time. 


I’m not sure why the boys looks so stoic in this picture?

This was a really cool trail we’ve never been on before… there are tons of technical climbing routes along this path.


That’s the Garden of the Gods off in the distance.


Class 2 exposure!  =)  I had to bite my tongue to not say “You be careful with my baby!”


Ok, so this next picture is not great at all with the big sun spot… I just wanted to show you how Johnny sleeps with his eyes open.  He is totally asleep in this picture.  Creepy!


What I love about Red Rock Canyon, is that it’s this great open space in the middle of the city.  You hike in a ways & you feel like you are in the wilderness… but every now and then civilization peeks through your view.  Wealthy civilization, but civilization nonetheless.  =)


Hopefully, the pictures will just get better from here on out.  =)


3 thoughts on “Yes to Manual

  1. lol, I totally relate to this – I got my ‘big camera’ DSLR over a year ago and a combination of being overwhelmed and lazy has meant I get some great pics & some awful, blamed the camera, cursed how much I spent on it using iphone camera more n more with excuse ‘well, i got it with me anyway, don’t wanna risk losing/breaking big fancy camera…’

    I must learn to use it properly! you gave me motivation to do this & that’s my next project!!

    • Awesome! It really is just another form of art. And as addictive – so be prepared! It seems like every time I take my fancy camera, I screw up a bunch of pictures, but learn a lot! My pictures are now getting consistently better. Good luck with it!

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