Happy Little Stacks of Fabric

I’m such a sucker for pretty fabric.  It’s my guilty pleasure.  Some women read gossip magazines… I swoon over designer quilting cotton.  =) 

The fabric I ordered for Johnny’s new quilt finally came!  I shared with you all some of my initial ideas for decorating his room in this blog post HERE.  Initially, I was thinking a really dark peacock blue for the walls, but I just don’t have the guts for it.  There is a pretty good chance we will be moving within a year, and I’m hesitant to paint the walls a color so bold that may not appeal to buyers.

I used one of the prints from this fabric line to select the paint colors.  I decided to go with Monaluna’s Monaco line.  My favorite was the Scooter print, so I used that as a guide for the colors.


The darker color on the left (Behr Premium Tucson Teal) will be for the walls.  The middle color (Behr Premium Mermaid Treasure) will be for a bookcase/cubby thingy.  The color on the right (Behr Lemon Grass) will be for the dresser.

Those main colors mixed with accents of dark brown & orange.  Swoon.  :)


I particularly love these two prints.


The pattern I’m using is the French Window Panes by Sweetjane.  I wanted to use a pattern that would showcase the pretty fabric designs, and not be too intricate in the piecing as I am a newbie to quilting.  I’ll probably do a solid color on the back instead of a print like this.


I hope to start cutting tonight! Wish me luck.


*End swoon-fest.*

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