A Sunday Drive

It snowed on Sunday.  Yep, you heard me correctly.  Snowed.  We woke up with a little bit of snow on the ground, and generally yucky weather.  It seemed too windy & cold to be outside playing, so we decided to go for a drive through the mountains.

A few minutes into the drive, and Johnny was out like a light.


There was way more snow in the mountains, and the air was cool and fresh.


Most of these were taken out of the front windshield or my car window (rolled up, it was cold!).  So they might have been better had we been stopped.  But it was a good lesson in shutter speed!  =)


For you Colorado folks, we went out highway 67 towards Deckers. 

There was a wild fire there many years ago that left this huge stretch of dead, charred trees for miles.  Today it was a strange mix of earth and wood charred by fire covered in a blanket of snow and ice. 


We stopped at North Fork to stretch our legs and eat the lunch we had brought with us.  And mom, before you say anything, I *tried* to get this child in something warmer before letting him out of the car! But he refused, and then proceeded to jump in mud puddles and tromp through the snow.


So of course, he was partially frozen when he got back in the car.  His teeth chattered for a good 5 minutes. We wrapped him up in anything we could find, my cowl neck scarf included.


It was such a beautiful day for a drive. There isn’t much that compares to the smell of cool, mountain air after a fresh snow.



2 thoughts on “A Sunday Drive

  1. Aren’t we lucky to live in such an amazing place? Sometimes with these mountain boys (and girl) we just have to let them tell us when they’re cold. That’s usually how it works around my house anyway. They’ll come in if they’re too cold.

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