Practice Makes Better?

I keep practicing using the manual settings on my camera… the pictures are definitely getting less blurry.  Johnny has been pretty patient with me.



However, every few frames he did try to karate kick (or chop) the camera.  It may have had something to do with the fact I kept tickling him to get a smile.


Occasionally, I got an annoyed smile out of him.


I really love this next picture.  To me it screams quintessential boy.  Or at least, quintessential this boy.


Contemplating jumping over to the dark side.


And here is where the cooperation stopped.  He was in the wagon and I was still taking pictures.  He kept yelling “HEY!” as in “get a move on!”.  He was pretty perturbed.


Touchy, much?


2 thoughts on “Practice Makes Better?

  1. These are so cute! My favorite is the third from the bottom where he’s looking out of the corner of his eye. It’s his “I’m talking to you and you’re being ridiculous so I’m gonna roll my eyes at you” face. Or maybe it just looks like that from here.

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