7 Miles!

We went for another hike today (Sunday).  This time we went to Waldo Canyon.  I had never been there before.  The trail is a big loop & it’s right around 7 miles.  7 miles may not seem like a lot for most of you.  But this was definitely the most I’ve done in about a year.  My back & hips held up really well!  Very exciting. Wow, that makes me sound old. 


The first part of this trail was through lots of big trees. 


Doug brought his camera along, so *gasp* there are pictures of me in this post, too.

Pretty sure the Bug drank half of the water we brought along with us.  He loves drinking out of a Camelbak.


Family photo op.

Who needs fancy trekking poles when you have the handle to an old shovel?  It is Earth Day weekend, after all.  =)



Making the magic happen (or trying):

This next picture was taken after we got home…. Looks like someone was taking notes. 

This is the picture I was working on… a 180 degree panorama of the valley we were hiking around.


I love all of these family photos! But the Bug is distracted in every. single. one.



You hike & hike & hike & just like that, you pop out near a road.


I love these jewels of wilderness & open space in the midst of (or right outside of) the city.



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