Sunshine & Cousins

When I first tried getting into photography over a decade ago, I used a regular ole SLR… you know, the kind with film (side note – I think it’s amusing that Johnny will probably never use a camera that uses film).  With a film camera, it was a much slower learning curve.  I remember visiting Kristin one time in Scotsdale, AZ & taking close to 10 rolls of film.  Once they were developed, 90% of them were out of focus, or over/under exposed. 

Turns out you can still do similar things with digital.  Like accidentally changing your auto focus so that it’s focusing on the bottom half of the picture and not realizing it.  Johnny & I hung out with Fisher & Piper the other day, and there were so many opportunities for great pictures.  I snapped & snapped away.  Got home, and most were slightly out of focus.  Frustrating, yes.  But every time I goof up majorly on a setting, I learn A LOT!

A few of the pictures were salvageable… and if you squint your eyes, they don’t look bad at all!  I thought I would share them with you anyway, because they really capture the fun these kids have.

You get these two together, and it’s non-stop, wild & craziness. 


I think these boys are going to be trouble one day (more than they already are).


Piper building “the biggest sandcastle EVER”. 


Shushing me??


Piper the Princess Bug. Obviously.





This is a Mojica look if I’ve ever seen one…



Sunshine and cousins – such a fun combination.


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